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  • 13.11.18 - Wrong class/excercise announcement: The schedule of the class today was incorrectly announced. There was a mixup between the class schedule and the excercise schedule. Pls see the correct schedules for the general lecture class and the excercise class below. For those who have missed the class today, I will briefly repeat the lecture in the beginning of the class next week (only very vew slides have been discussed). Please don't miss the excercise class today (Nov. 13) 4:15-5:45 pm in CAP4 - R.1304 a.

  • 30.10.18 - Schedule for classes next week (Nov. 5/6): In the lecture on Monday (Nov. 5, 12-2pm), Mr. Böschen will give an introductory course for the Data Mining tool WEKA. Depending on the progress of this tutorial, he will announce if the tutorial will be continued in the class on Tuesday (Nov. 6, 8-10am). Otherwise, the class on Tuesday (Nov. 6, 8-10am) will be canceled. The exercise class which has to be rescheduled due to class collision (rescheduling details will be announced below in "Exercise Class") will start a week later, i.e. in the week Nov. 12-16.


  • Monday 12:15 - 13:45 pm | CAP2 - Room F
  • Tuesday 8:15 - 9:45 | LMS4 - R.325

Excercise Class

  • Tuesday 16:15 - 17:45 | CAP4 - R.1304 a (start Nov. 13.)

Lecture Slides

Slides Date
1. week   10/22-23/2018  
2. week (a)   10/29/2018  
2. week (b)   10/30/2018  
[3. week (a)]   11/05/2018  
4. week (a)   11/12/2018  
4. week (b)   11/13/2018  

Tutorial Slides

  1. Weka Introduction